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🍄 Mushrooms are so healing for the body! New Moon Healing Circle with Ceremonial Mystical Mushroom Cacao ❤️ Shamanic Reiki, Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Cleansing, and Oracle Card Reading ❤️ The 11 organic medicinal mushrooms in the cacao blend have been carefully chosen to fortify your immune system, organs, brain function, and uplift your spirits while keeping you grounded. Combining these mushrooms with the circulating boosting properties of ceremonial grade cacao helps the body absorb the many nutrients. 🍄Lion's Mane is neuro-regenerative and improves cognitive function. 🍄Reishi and Chaga promote longevity and support DNA restoration. 🍄Cordyceps & Tremella are anti-aging. 🍄Turkey Tail is immune-boosting and anti-cancer. 🍄Poria helps prevent Alzheimer's and fatigue. 🍄Shiitake is good for heart health and fortifying immunity. 🍄Maitake is high in Vitamin E, anti-cancer and immunity boosting. 🍄Oyster reduces cholesterol, inhibits tumors, and helps with joint and muscle relaxation. 🍄Phellinus is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. 11/23/22 at 6pm - in person event Limited seating ❤️✨ Registration Required ❤️🍄

  • Date: 11-23-2022 06:00 PM
  • Location 372 Fullerton Avenue, Newburgh, NY, USA (Map)