Always a wonderful experience with a knowledgeable woman. Melissa is full of beautiful energy! They always have a great selection and good prices. She is so patient and is always so responsive. I love that my Amiga and I have the option to pick up our beautiful treasures♥️ 


 Melissa is one of the sweetest souls. If you love crystals this is the place to be. Melissa and Andre have the BEST live sales, the energy is always so genuine and warm. It’s easy to see that they strive to get amazing quality crystals for the best price possible. So come join us in their live sales, I know I try to make it to each one! It started as a love of crystals and is turning into friendships and chats with like minded people. So much love to all who are reading this🙏🏼❤️✨ Peep the photo of my cat Liakáda- as soon as I opened my crystals from Nu Cosmic Earth and set them down she ran over to snuggle up and get the loving and calming energy from this beautiful crystal! 


 Melissa is such an amazing person and business owner. She is so knowledgeable about her products, and was so patient with me as new collector. She fully explained every type of crystal and even made personalized recommendations for me. The crystals are gorgeous and such amazing quality. They shipped so fast and were obviously packaged with love. They even came with individualized information sheets that further explained the power of each crystal. I also had the opportunity to join in a virtual reiki session that left me feeling calm, rejuvenated, and peaceful. There is no other company I would recommend for your crystals, reiki, and energy healing 


 I just received my Silky Fluorite Sphere and all I can say is Wow!!!! Pictures don’t do it justice and you can feel the energy as soon as you take it out of the box. Item was packaged perfectly and shipping was quick. I was a bit skeptical about beginning my journey of collecting spiritual items but Melissa was amazing in recommending this as my first piece and now I am all in. Can’t wait to order my next crystal! 


 I really enjoyed my experience with Nu Cosmic Earth. This is a new chapter for me as I continue to learn and grow through reiki healing and energy crystals. Melissa made the process exciting and enjoyable. As a bonus her lives are amazing and always end with the cutest baby picking a winner which is my favorite part! Hands down 5 out of 5 and would highly recommend. 


 I have attended Melissa’s 7 Week Chakra Healing classes as well as purchased many beautiful crystals for myself and as gifts. All have come with the sweetest note and description. Never disappointed and always an amazing experience ❤️. 


 Melissa & her family are beautiful souls with such vibrant energy! I definitely recommend purchasing your crystals from their website or even their live crystal sales. I love all of my pieces from them & plan to get more in the future. 💖 


 Melissa was very helpful. I received my beautiful crystal quickly and it was in perfect condition, with a nice write up explaining what the crystal was for. 


 I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are!! Not only do they have the most beautiful crystals, but they put so much love and thought into packaging as well. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 


 The stones they sell are nice and a good size and my amethyst cluster actually sits upright. Both the crystal point quartz and raw rose quartz had a strong, good energy and the pendulum is amazing (I've been wanting one like this, with the chakra stones, and this one is exactly what I'd hoped for). I really see no drawbacks at all - if you do energy or healing work or simply love/collect stones there's simply no reason why you shouldn't buy from them 


 Thank you so much for helping me get more knowledge on the certain Crystals that I should obtain and surround myself with. Melissa and her beautiful darling husband helped me so so much!! I will be in touch and purchasing more from you guys! 


 thank you very much Melissa for helping me pick out the right crystals when I was not sure the experience was fantastic I can't wait till I order some more thank you 


 The crystals were amazing and very nice when I got the crystals it made my day so well and I enjoyed having them it made me feel like I want to order them again and I’m hoping that I will order another one very soon 


 We are so happy that we found Nu Cosmic Earth! Their crystals are absolutely stunning! Melissa and Andre really took the time to help us find the perfect crystals for us and we purchased gifts for our children. We received the package super fast, everything was carefully packaged, and they added the healing properties for each stone. We will definitely purchase again and we really appreciate your time. thank you so much! we highly recommend this shop. 


 So we just ordered from Nu Cosmic Earth and it was a very pleasant experience! We live in Utah and it was delivered within 2 days! The prices are affordable and the crystals look much better in person. Will be doing business with them again and again! 


 As somebody who has always had an interest in crystals, it is so refreshing to find someone who always has excellent quality crystals! Melissa is a pleasure to deal with and gets your purchase out to you immediately. Professionalism, courtesy and an excellent range of products will keep me coming back! 


 Highly recommend ! My go to for crystals from now on!! Beautiful crystals @ affordable prices! What a fun way to purchase from a kind & sweet soul. 💎💎💎 


 This is the only retailer I will order my crystals from. I trust the quality and care provided like none other. Not to mention the gorgeous selection of crystals offered! Highly recommend Nu Cosmic Earth. 


 Melissa made my experience of buying my first pillar pleasurable. From her warm and energetic messages all the way to the personalized bag. I love to get my stones from people with beautiful energy and that is guaranteed here!! 💜 


 High quality crystals for great prices. They have the most beautiful and unique pieces. Sellers are high vibe and make it super fun to be involved with their live shows. I buy almost all of my crystals exclusively from them. 


 I have been friends and now a costumer of Melissa for over 10 years. The loving and positive energy around her is just contagious. Melissa has high quality gems, stones, crystals and bath salts she makes are outstanding. I have gems, stones and crystals that I have perchesed for my home,work and as gifts for friends and family. You can never go wrong giving the gift of positive energy. 


 I had never received online group reiki before, only 1 on 1 in person. However, after my session I felt super balanced and serene same as in person. Very lovely high quality session. 🙂 


 I’ve experienced two reiki sessions with Melissa and I cannot say enough positive things about my experience. For someone like me whose mind is always racing, I forget to sit back smell the flowers but with Melissa’s reiki sessions I give myself that hour to soak up all her positive vibrations. After the session I feel elated, completely stress free and relaxed. I highly recommend a session with her or even joining on her healing circles, you will not be disappointed. Also, her crystals are amazing. Always from a good place, always good quality, fast delivery and wonderful communication. They are also so knowledgeable of the different types of crystals and the significance. 


 I never experienced Reiki before and came in somewhat as a skeptic. I left after a very powerful experience being a true believer to the healing powers and now understand more about my own self than I would have imagined. I definitely recommend Melissa. She is amazing at what she does. 


 The Reiki session was so relaxing! I had so much tension in my back and jaw prior to starting the session. I could feel it slowly releasing throughout the session and by the end I barely felt any pain! I HIGHLY recommend 


 Thank you Melissa! ❤ During the session, I felt so relaxed! I saw blue, then green then flying over green mountain tree tops. At one point I didn't feel right, I had this anxiety and pressure in my body, I wanted to open my eyes but I didn't and then I went back to concentrating on my breathing and whatever that pressure was, it lifted and then I was calm again and almost fell asleep! Truly great experience! Please let me know when the next session is? Thanks again ❤ 


 Melissa is a pure joy and full of light. She gave me an amazing card reading that really hit home and resonated with me. I have also recently purchased some fabulous crystals from her. They are beautiful, full of energy and she even energized them under the moon. I will be a repeat customer for years to come! 


 I would absolutely recommend! The whole experience felt very personal and comfortable. It was my first ever Reiki session so she walked me back through what to do on my end to help set the vibes. My fav part is how she set up an alter with chakra stones she felt best fit me. The session, itself, was incredibly relaxing. But the assessment she gives on each chakra afterwards is truly what makes it an amazing experience. She was so spot on with personal details and gave great insight. I left the session feeling physically calm and tranquil yet my mind felt clear and alert. Thankful for this experience! 


 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Melissa is a five star in everything!! She has the most amazing beautiful energy. Authentic and loving healer, amazing oracle card reader and reiki practitioner. I have bought several healing bundles and crystals from her. You can feel the love and light in her products. She has a beautiful shining high frequency light to offer anyone who needs healing or products. She’s so nice and professional to deal with. I’ve also done oracle card readings with her and each card was exactly what I needed and gave me guidance that helped me. I highly recommend her for anything you need. Love love love. 


 Melissa is a wonderful human being. Such a thoughtful and giving person. I was new to reiki but had known Melissa for years. She was patient and professional. Melissa explained everything before we began and took all of the time we needed to get through the session. No rushing or clock watching. She addressed all of my concerns and found many more without me saying a word! I can't tell you how impressed I was with her skills. When I left, I felt euphoric! I can't wait until my next session. As I told Melissa, if I just absorb an ounce of her positivity and kindness my reiki session is more than worthwhile💕 


 Melissa is a fabulous Reiki Master Practitioner! I had an amazing treatment with her & I can't recommend her highly enough. Everything Melissa does is done with Love straight from the heart. I left (after returning to earth lol) feeling totally supported, balanced & at peace. Thank you, Dear Heart ❤ 


 I get a reiki session once a week. It's so relaxing and really helps me. She is wonderful at what she does and the environment she creates is very therapeutic. I urge everyone to give it a try 


 Melissa is a wonderful reiki healer, because she truly does have a Sunflower Soul. I had a beautiful distance reiki session with her. I felt the energies flowing through me, and even saw colors! I went into the session not at all knowing what to expect and was speechless when it was done. She addressed things only I knew I was struggling with. After clearing my blocked chakras, I felt completely relaxed, balanced and at pure peace. She advised me of ways to help keep myself balanced, to avoid future blockages. I can't wait for my next session and can't recommend her enough! 💖 


 I was a little bit skeptical about a distance reiki session but after my first session, I'm a firm believer in its power. I was restored, rejuvenated, and felt my energies unblocked. It was a cathartic activity that took time out of my hectic working from home schedule and restored me. In these uncertain times where we're socially distancing it was nice to connect with Melissa and just be. If you try it you won't be disappointed, let Melissa's healing hands and energies help you. 


 I got an virtual reiki healing from Melissa a few months ago and I must say I was very impressed with how on point she was... at the time of my healing I was dealing with chronic pain so the first 10-15 minutes into the session I was antsy lol and she picked up on it but she knew what chakras was aligned and which ones I needed to work on... I’m so grateful that Melissa was able to offer her services especially thru these times thank you so much for everything 💫✨🧿 


 Everything Melissa does comes straight from her heart & is always rooted in Love. Her oracle readings are no exception. I had a reading with her that was spot on & she had her finger on the pulse of exactly what I was facing in my life. Her interpretation of the cards is beautifully expressed & leaves the querent feeling heard, supported & with a greater clarity about where to step next. I highly recommend that anyone needing guidance will find a gentle but honest reader in Melissa. And I certainly know what I'm talking about because I have been a card reader & Tarot teacher for more than 40 years!" 


 I purchased the Chakra Healing Bundle and it was a very smooth process from beginning to end. It was delivered within about a week. I also attended the group healing session which was amazing! I left feeling very relaxed and in good spirits. I look forward to attending others in the future!" 


 I just completed my certification for Reiki I! It was a beautiful experience, I learned so much. You’re all going to love it 🥰 Melissa is an amazing instructor and is so easy to work with 💖 


 I joined one of Melissa's Group Reiki Energy Healing sessions. At that time I was having really bad skin issues that kept me jittery during the day and unable to sleep at nights that I had to rely on painkillers to be able to get a proper night's sleep. That evening I joined the healing session I was able to relax within the first 10 minutes and had the best sleep afterwards! Upon waking up the next morning I felt so well rested and relaxed, and even still feel the energy throughout the day. I highly recommend a Healing session with Melissa if you're experiencing any physical discomfort and want to avoid painkillers. 


 Melissa is an excellent instructor and I very much appreciate her knowledge and guidance through the level one Reiki training and looking forward to level two. I would and have recommended her to others. 


 Best products . Myself and my kids love our Crystals . Melissa has such an amazing and beautiful energy as well. You are in good hands with Melissa . So helps and will take the time to explain what Crystals work with what you are looking for in life. Will definitely be purchasing again. ❤️❤️❤️ 


 Melissa's Reiki Certification class was such a beautiful experience! I learned so much and greatly appreciated all of the materials she sent to us in advance. It's helpful to have them at my fingertips for reference as I continue my practice. I know it was important to Melissa to keep the group small, and the intimate size made me feel much more comfortable opening up and sharing. There was also so much support from Melissa and the rest of the class members after the live portion of the class. I highly recommend taking this class with Melissa even if you're just curious about the practice of Reiki and its history! I'm looking forward to pursuing more advanced levels of certification with Melissa, too!