Herstory was created with the intentions of the Divine Feminine, Inner Child Healing, Speaking Your Truth, Alignment with your Authentic Self, Manifesting, and Abundance. It's about our story, our journey, and the beauty we each bring to the world. Through the ups and the down, we continue to grow, expand, evolve, and transform into our highest self ❤️ 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Ylang Ylang, Organic Calendula Flowers, Pure Epsom Salt, and Himalayan Salt. Herbal Bath Salts ❤️ Each jar comes with a FREE Crystal ❤️ Self-Care is SOUL important. Take some time each day to honor YOU! Baths are a wonderful way to release what no longer serves you. These were created with love, magic, and intention. Infused with beautiful Reiki energies! Melt away your stress, cleanse toxins, and clear your aura and energy blockages!

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