"I am ready to step into my true power. I am always protected by my higher self."

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Indian Agate is a secret weapon used by sages! Indian Agate ensures you keep one foot on the floor even when leaping towards greatness — all thanks to its solid grounding properties. Born from the depths of the Indian Mountains beneath the light of a full moon, the Indian Agate is equal measures earth and sky. A sacred gift from nature, this stabilizing stone keeps your yin and yang in check, balancing out that need to be soft and still with that desire to push towards your full potential.

As a heart and sacral chakra stone, it can help calm anxious thoughts, honing concentration, and nudging you to step out of the chaos of negativity. Wearing this bracelet invites you to heal anger, creating a sense of safety and security wherever you go and ultimately putting you in a place of self-acceptance and higher consciousness.

If you want to harmonize the body and the mind, Indian Agate will bind you to your own innate strength.