"I honor that there is wisdom in the darkness. I always find the light at the end of the tunnel."

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Rainbow Obsidian acts as a bridge between the dark and light places inside of us, making it a powerful crystal ally whenever we are ready to do important personal work.  Rainbow Obsidian offers us safe passage and guidance into those dark parts of ourselves that most scare us so that we can find and process any pain that is trapped there.  It also helps us to find the lost parts of ourselves so we can heal and reclaim them. Rainbow Obsidian clears the aura and other energy fields of any stagnate or negative energy that has gotten trapped within.  Rainbow Obsidian is a stone of joy and love and helps relieve depression. The layers of colors within Rainbow Obsidian represent the stages of growth you can reach through connecting to the energy of this stone. It's all about learning to leave the past in the past. You can always learn, grow, and evolve.