Sacred Goddess was created with the intention of Self-Love, Self-Care, Sensuality, Goddess Energy, Womb Healing, and Honoring your Sacred Journey. It's about how we honor and nourish our bodies, our temples, our sacred hearts. It's about honoring the divinity within each of us. Embracing our most authentic self and expressing our energetic frequency into the world. It's about loving ourselves more, letting go of limiting beliefs about ourselves, and really coming into our own hearts and asking ourselves each day- what do we need to nourish ourselves? ❤️🌹 Rose is one of the most powerful and highest vibrating plants. This has 100% Therapeutic Grade Rose Essential Oil, Rose Quartz, Rose Buds and Petals, and Coconut Oil. You can use these oils to sniff throughout the day to change your mindset, place some in your hand and inhale, placing your hands on your heart to set a sacred intention, use for sacred ceremonies, rituals, blessings, use as a body oil, or even use as a perfume. A great way to add a Magical Self-Care Routine to your day!

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