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Are you often tired, stressed out, irritable, anxious, mood swings, trouble with sleep, low libido, adult acne, menstrual or fertility issues? You hormones might be out of balance! Getting your hormones back in balance can help you feel more energized, focused, have better sex and fertility, improved sleep, healthy menstrual cycles, and just help you feel like the best you ever! Each month we focus on a different theme! Join us for July's Monthly Accountability Group!!! We're focusing on Balancing Hormones!! ✨ Tips for hormone balance with diet, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle shifts. ✨ Build Healthy Habits. ✨ Each day you will receive motivation, encouragement, and inspiration! ✨ You will receive tips and tools to naturally balance hormones. ✨ We will dive into foods and practices that can help support your hormones. ✨ You will have on-going support and be in a safe and loving community! ✨ You will receive a daily oracle card message. ✨ This is all done via text, no social media. ✨ Daily and Weekly Check-ins ✨ Monthly Group Meditation ✨ Taking Sweaty Selfies - optional 😉 If you need support with Accountability, Motivation, Plant-Based Recipes, Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Holistic Health and Wellness Tips...I am here to support you!!! I will be your #1 accountability cheerleader, motivating you and encouraging you every step of the way 🌻 We begin July 1st! ❤️

  • Date: 07-01-2024 10:14 PM
  • Location Online Event