I am offering my first Cacao Ceremony on the Summer Solstice. I'm really excited to merge Reiki, Meditation, and Cacao! The Summer Solstice is so special to me because it's the day that Roscoe transitioned into the spiritual realm and also shorty after I attended my first Cacao Ceremony. Ceremonial Cacao is such a beautiful way to open your heart space and it also offers such deep healing. My journey with Cacao Ceremonies has brought me so much healing, clarity, and a sense of wholeness. It's helped me re-discover who I am and it always helps me tap into my highest self. It is my favorite practice for coming back home to the heart and being in perfect alignment. Cacao Ceremony means relating with cacao with gratitude and intention. Ceremonial Cacao helps uplift, energize, and nourish your mind, body, and soul. It boosts your mood, provides gentle energy, and enhances your creativity. It helps you deepen your meditation and always connects you in with what’s true in the present moment. During our time together, we will set intentions together, journey through a guided meditation, shamanic journey, rest and receive Reiki energy, pull oracle cards, and we will perform a Summer Solstice Ritual together. I will be offering Herbal Tea and Simply Delish Desserts (Nu Earth Wellness) at the end of the ceremony. I will be having this in my home (in New Windsor), so the address will be provided after ticket purchase. I do have a limited space, so please sign up to reserve your spot. I currently have 1 spot left.

  • Date: 06-20-2024 07:00 PM
  • Location
  • More Info: address will be provided after ticket purchase