Shamanism is the practice of living as your highest self. 

It's about living, breathing, and embodying that pure state of conscious awakened love. To truly be in that vibration. To be pure love and then radiating that love out into the world using all of our healing tools and huacas. 

A Shaman is being in the knowingness of that and being able to help people to continue to expand their consciousness. To empower them and get them back into their authentic state of being through just being a conduit/channel. A Shaman is a healer who uses an altered state of consciousness to enter the invisible realm/unseen world working with Nature, the Sun, the Moon, the Cosmos, all of the Elements - Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Ether/Spirit, our Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Spirit Animals. Shamans are able to balance energies through the vibrational tools, movement, chanting, and other methods. Always having one foot in the Spirit World and one foot on the Earth. 

Shamanic Reiki invites you to open your heart and works holistically moving through all aspects of your physical body as well as mental and emotional wellness and spiritual awakening.  Through our time together we work to create your personal healing experience specifically for your highest benefit. Together we will create a sacred space within your heart. 

Shamanic Reiki is a very powerful and transformative modality that helps us shed emotional traumas, karmic patterns, blockages, burdens, ancestral trauma, old beliefs, and baggage that keeps us from being the best version of ourselves.

Together with Reiki and Shamanic Reiki, we are able to open up to the Universal Life Force Energy while simultaneously going through a Shamanic journey while being in an altered state of consciousness - a deep meditative state. 

Each Session will include Reiki Healing, Shamanic Journey, Crystal Healing, Vibrational Sound Healing, Plant Medicine, Ceremonial Cacao, Sacred Herbal Tea, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Breathwork, and an Oracle Card Reading. 

If you haven't - please read more on Reiki Energy Healing in the other link :) 

Shamanic Journeys can include - 

  • Finding your Power Animal 
  • Energetic Cord Cutting
  • Energetic Blocks or Intrusions 
  • Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval 
  • Balance Energetic Trauma and Shift Past Events