11 May
Money Affirmations & Abundance

I had a beautiful meditation today! I was inspired and channeled a beautiful empowering message to go through ALL of my journals for the past few years and start creating blogs! 

Today will be my first blog on Nu Cosmic Earth :) 

I thought this would be perfect considering we have the Taurus New Moon coming!! I am hosting a Self-Worth & Abundance Meditation with EFT Tapping. Check under "Events" to sign up! I'd love you have you!! 

Here a few money affirmations that you can work on throughout the month to bring in more abundance. I love writing them on post-its and placing around the house! Our brain is always constantly forming new neural pathways. We get to continue to re-write whatever old and outdated thought patterns and limiting beliefs we once had. The more we empower ourself with positive messages and affirmations, the better we feel and the happier we will be. 

Hope you enjoy these - Sending LOVE & LIGHT. 

Love, Melissa aka The Sunflower Soul :) 

Money Affirmations - 

Money makes me happy. 

Prosperity is my birthright. 

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. 

I control my financial well being. 

I am happy, healthy, and wealthy. 

I am aligned with the energy of abundance. 

I celebrate life and abundance everyday. 

I always have money. 

I love money & money loves me. 

I am a money magnet. 

Money flows to me easily and freely. 

I am surrounded by money and it flows to me easily. 

Money is easy and fun to make. I love making money. 

I can have both money and love. I am free to make money. 

I make money very easily. 

(Your Name), you make money very easily. 

(Your name), makes money very easily. 

I have everything I need to get everything I want. 

Money comes to me every day. 

Each day, I get further and further out of debt. 

The Universe now brings me all the prosperity I need. 

I handle money easily & well. 

Abundance is my true state of being. I am now ready to accept it fully and joyously. 

My success is big, powerful, and irresistible. 

I now have more than enough money to satisfy all my needs and desires. 

The more I win, the better I feel about letting others win. 

Money is my best friend. 

It's okay for me to exceed my goals. 

The more I prosper, the more i have to share with others. 

I am now ready to accept all the joy and prosperity life has to offer me. 

Pick one affirmation at a time and write it each day 10-15 times. 

Another great way is to visualize- bringing the vision of "seeing" the money you wish for or whatever it is that you wish for.  This thought process under conscious control is a systematic way to gain something you wish to possess or accomplish = Visualization!! 

Close your eyes

Breathe deeply


Let your mind be clear 

See yourself already in possession of "whatever it is that you want"

Bring a strong sense of reality to the images as much as you can .. It's real. It's yours.

Concentrate of the visualization 

Feel the joy and pleasure from you having it 

End with a positive affirmation. 

This or something better now enters my life in a totally satisfying and harmonious way and I appreciate it and am so please by it. 

Remember - 

Money is energy. 

We can all afford to give. It could be time, money, listening, talking, volunteering, using your talents, or affection. Difficulty in either giving or receiving restricts the flow of money into your life. 

Money you give = Money you receive. 

It's a big Universe! Trust that prosperity & abundance is your birthright. 

There is MORE than enough to go around. Don't let your limiting beliefs and mindset stop you from all that you desire. 

Be still, and open yourself to all that is. 

Coming to live with a present sense of real prosperity and abundance is what brings in the money, rather than the other way around. 

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