08 Jun
Soulful Message - Canadian Wildfire

I haven't sat with Plant Medicine for a month or so. I've been so busy working the markets and traveling that I haven't made much space for ceremony. Today I felt called to sit with Mama Cacao, Ammonites, Quartz, Peruvian Rhodonite, and my rattles. As soon as I placed my cup of cacao on the altar cloth, I felt my heart space open. I started breathing and connected in with my soul, the earth, and my heart. I instantly felt so much much pain, hurt, and sadness from the earth, the animals, the plants. I've been so busy, so disconnected and haven't taken the sacred pause or time to just slow down. This Canada Wildfire has taken so many animal and plant lives, it's effecting the quality of air hundreds of miles away. I felt called to just send our planet love, our earth love, the animals and plants love. Channeling Reiki to the planet, earth, nature, trees, plants, flowers, animals, people, and all souls. 

As sitting and meditating - a song came on - "When I fall off track angels always call me back, I've been led by my soul." 

I feel because of what's happening on the earth, my soul called me back home to my self, to earth, to spirit, to nature, to the animals and the plants. 

I've been so out of alignment the past month or so that I haven't slowed down enough to feel the earth. Yesterday I did a Root Chakra Calibration and released so much that I am feeling so much better energetically. I remember my power, my connection, my love, and my heart. I have so much gratitude for life. I am so grateful. 

All I could write in my journal was Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

So grateful for my life, my body, my senses, my health, my blood, my bones, my tendons and cartilage, my muscles, my organs, my skin, my hair, literally every cell of my being. 

So grateful for my family and their love and health. My friends and their love and health. 

So grateful for my home, nature, plants, animals, trees, flowers, the sun, the moon, planets, the stars, crystals, rocks, rivers, lakes, oceans, streams, insects, literally every being, every soul in the universe. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Thank you for abundance. Abundance of love, light, happiness, joy, health, and peace. Thank you for freedom. Thank you for life. Thank you for being able to experience the beauty around me. Thank you for being in tune with mama earth. Thank you for cacao and plant medicine. Thank you for allowing me to deeply connect in with myself, nature, spirit, and the earth. 

Thank you for earth, water, fire, air, and ether. 

My cacao had a little heart in it today.

To me, it's a reminder to follow my heart. It will never let me know. My intuition and heart will always guide me. 

So my soulful message to you is to follow yours. Do what feels soulful to you in your heart. Take time to be grateful for your life, the earth, and whatever means the most to you. Take the time to tell the people closest to you that you love them. Take the time to enjoy the beauty around you. Take the time to honor the earth and send her some love. Take the time to just be. Take the time to rest. Take the time to breath. Take the time to say hello to the plants, trees, flowers, and animals around you. Take the time to see that we are all one. Take the time to just be with yourself. 

Affirm - 

I love myself. 

I love my life. 

I love the universe. 

I love the planet. 

I love the earth. 

I love all beings. 


May you remember who you are on a soul level. May you remember that you are love, light, and eternal. May you remember the truth of who you are. May you remember all the love that surrounds you always. You are pure divine source energy. May you remember the whispers of you heart. 

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