07 Feb
Heart Chakra

Honoring the Heart Chakra today I've been dancing and shaking as a release for stuck energies. Listening to tribal drums and shamanic drumming. Realizing that drums bring me back home to my heart, my body, and my soul. It connects me to my ancestors, my power, my tribe. Drums are healing for me. As I danced, cried, and remembered drums brought me back to the womb. Deeply held, nurtured, supported, and loved. We come into this world with so much love and joy and as we go through life, we go through hurts, traumas, wounds. But it's our job to remember the power inside, to remember we get to re-write our own stories. We can feel that same joy and happiness we did as a child. It's our job to clear any stuck energies and send love to ourselves. It's our job to process our emotions and clear them with love. As we heal, the world heals. We can honor the love and the pain, the joy and the sadness, the light and the dark, the comfortable and the uncomfortable, because in all those movements - that's where all the magic is. That's when we awaken to our multidimensional self.

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