07 Feb

I am the dragonfly. 

I am water

I am earth

 I am air 

I am fire

I am spirit

I am love

I am light

 I fall into faith and let go of worries

 I fall into trust and let go of fears

 I fall into love and let go of suffering

I am free to be me

I am free to change my thoughts, patterns beliefs

 I am free to start again 

I am free to be my authentic self

 I am free to speak my truth

 I am free to use my voice

 I am free to do whatever makes my heart and soul happy

 I am always guided

 I am always carried

I am always supported

I am source

 I am the universe

I am my highest self 

I love myself

 I love my inner child 

I love my soul

 I love my light 

I love my expression

I love my joy

 I honor my creativity

I honor my beauty

I honor life

 I honor my life

 I am the cosmos

I am the moon

I am the sun

I am the stars 

I am one with all

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