16 Feb
Soulful Self-Care

A nice soulful bath tonight. When's the last time you have taken a bath or a shower and made it nourishing, loving, and peaceful? It's hard to find quiet moments to yourself when you have children, but I think the most beautiful thing I have learned along my motherhood journey is that we can take small moments throughout the day. 

-i take time in the morning to intentionally sip herbal tea or cacao, while Norin eats breakfast

-when norin is nursing, I have found that taking a few moments to close my eyes, focus on my breath and just be in the moment really helps me calm down my nervous system

-i light candles, bring crystals, essential oils into my shower and bath and turn the lights off to make it magical (even if I can only take a 10 min shower) 

-when putting lotion on my body, saying loving affirmations to myself and sending love to my body 

-creating a night ritual putting rosehip oil on my face 

Some of these things only take a few moments. With anything I do, I try to bring intention to it and try to bring in that self-love and self-care whenever possible. It's the little moments that matter most. 

Sending LOVE, PEACE, & JOY to YOU! 

Try taking a bath/shower with intention next time. As the water washes over you, set the intention to release anything no longer needed and allow it to flow down the drain!

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