07 Feb
Trust. Surrender. Let Go.

In the moments when I forget, in the moments when I lose sight of my mission, in the moments when I can't see clearly.... you are always there. As a guide, as light, as love. 

So grateful for tonight's meditation.

 It reminded me that it's super easy to get bogged down by the "earthly" stories, traumas, games, and illusions. We can get so trapped in fear, worry, and materialistic things that we loose sight of why we decided to come here. 

We need the connection with the earth for her love, nourishment, grounding, and healing but we can't forget our spiritual side, our soul, our essence. We must awaken to remember the truth of who we are and why we came here. We have to let go of limitations, programming, limiting beliefs, and remember the power of our mind, power of our thoughts, the power of our emotions.

 The earth is a dense place to be but it's also a magical place where we get to experience love, magic, and joy.

 I think it's super important to remember that our bodies are just vessels here to experience the world and it's beauty, but our bodies are not us, they don't define us. We are eternal light beings.

You're a lightworker. You're a starseed. You're a shaman. You're a being of love and light. 

You're on a soulful mission of remembering the truth of who you are, to release the karmic cycles, the ancestral trauma, and the programming. To stand rooted in your love and in your power and to raise the vibration of the planet 

You are needed in this world. 

Those intuitive nudges, those repeating numbers, those signs- listen to them and trust in them. They will guide you back home and guide you to your soul's purpose. 

When things are not in alignment, don't be afraid to say no. 

You know the way! 

Trust. Surrender. Let Go.

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