07 Feb
What scares you most? Do that!!

“The thing that you know you need to do the most is the thing that scares you the most.” What are 5 things that you have been putting off doing? Now look at those 5 things - what's the worst possible thing that could happen? Fear is a compass showing you where to go My dad always says - "if it doesn't scare you, you're not doing something right*I quit my job in 2019, started to follow my passions, take risks, go on adventures, have no idea where I am going or what I'm doing and still I am fully supported. I feel more abundant than ever before, with also less money than ever before. But I did something that scared me, I did something that I was so fearful of. When I quit my job, I had no idea what was next (I still don't) but I feel so free mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. I get to focus on what makes my heart happy and I follow my intuition and higher self in each moment. I've been doing so much healing work on myself for the past decade. Reiki & Shamanic Healing, Inner Child Healing, Chakra Healing, Health and Wellness lifestyle change, Weight Loss Journey, Pregnancy Journey, Spiritual Journey, Womb Healing, Motherhood Journey, etc ... it's all led me to this point, to this multi-dimensional soul that I am. And now discovering this brand new version of myself and realizing my fear is to share my authentic self with the world. Stepping out of my comfort zone, sharing my stories, speaking my truth and sharing my gifts and talents with the world. It's so easy to post about a crystal or post about the delicious food that I made but it's not easy to be open and vulnerable with others and share myself. I started @nutritionschool in May and I'm feeling so empowered to step into my fullest expression. I just started offering Free Consultations (which I'll post on @nuearthwellness - I can't wait to help others empower themselves and transform into their highest most vibrant self. Healing Mind, Body, and Soul I took a picture and my entire face was a rainbow This is my reminder from the Universe that I AM Enough just the way I am. My intention is to share my light with the world so that it reminds you of your light

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